Entrust what you have heard to faithful men!

"and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." (2 Timothy 2: 2)


While we emphasise the need for in-service, church-based ministry training, we also acknowledge the importance and value of comprehensive, high quality theological education in ministry.

To assist students to further their theological education after completing the apprenticeship program, TRANS:mission partnered with the US based, Antioch School of Leadership Development and Church Planting, a division of BILD international, to obtain facilitated access to their churched-based certificate and degree programs in ministry and theology.

According to the Antioch School, church-based theological education is:

"... theological education based in the life of churches, not schools housed in church buildings. All the programs are designed and taught in churches, by churches, and for churches. Leaders of churches, church networks, and church-planting movements do all the training in the context of ministry. …….. Academic credentials are recognized for what they are, but not as a replacement for church credentials, of which academic credentials may be a subset. " (Antioch School Brochure)

As of January 2013 the first three TRANS:mission students started with their M.Th. studies through this program.

What others say

"... the course is not simply a theology course of propositional truths independent of what goes on in my life and ministry - rather, it is tightly integrated to it and is "the job" training in the most rigorous sense of that word. Everything in the course that I do for credits, has some tangible connection to my own life and ministry and what happens in my own church. The different facets of the course can be applied tout court to my life and that of my church, not simply in terms of the theological backing and content of my preaching, but also to the more practical and applied aspects of ministry. "

De Wet Ferreira
(Student and Church Planter)


"I have been convicted for some time that the local church needs to recapture the call to church based theological education and formation. God designed churches to raise up and develop leaders and pastors who can in turn train more leaders and pastors. However, I wasn't finding much of this in North America. I then made it my commitment to work toward forming churches that would eventually have accredited pastoral training schools within them. It wasn't long before God brought me across BILD and the Antioch School. It was exactly what I was looking for: Strong theological education with a church planting emphasis that is transferable and reproducible so every church can have a school of theology in their context. I am so thankful to God for the work they have put into providing this for the Church. "

Jeff Vanderstelt
Pastor at Soma Communities
Founding Leader of the GCM Collective and
Vice President, Western N. America of Acts 29
(Antioch School Handbook, p15)


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