The Church is at the center of God's purpose

We believe that the Church is at the center of God's purpose for this age and God's wisdom will be displayed to the entire universe through the Church, to the praise of His glory. (Ephesians 3:1-13)

TRANS:mission Board

TRANS:mission is lead by a board of 6 pastors from Pretoria with a total of 66 years combined experience in ministry:

  • Andrew Pitt [LTh, BTh (Hon)] Christ Church, Midrand, (22 years in ministry)
  • Griffel van Wyk [B.Th., B.Th Hons., M.div., M.Th.] Reformed Church Brooklyn, (7 years in the ministry)
  • Brahm Hattingh [Gr 12] Soli Deo Gloria Congregation, (10 years in ministry)
  • Dewald Wagener [B.A. Theology. B.Hon. Theology] Queenswood Community Church, (10 years in ministry)
  • Tobie Meyer [B.Com., LL.B., B.Th.] LIG.punt, (8 years in ministry)
  • Johan Verster [B.Com Financial Management, B.Th.] LIG.punt, (9 years in ministry)

The board is required to function in accordance with the TRANS:mission constitution which defines and regulates matters pertaining to:

  • the goal and legal status of the organisation;
  • powers and functioning of the board
  • financial management; and statement of faith


Transmission 2.0.0 on board